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Hi there,

                     My name is Bret Malmquist I was born in 1961 in Santa Monica CA. and I am a musician. I play guitar and bass. I began playing at the age of twelve and have never stopped(38 yrs. ago) and don’t plan too any time soon. I started out learning simple songs on an acoustic guitar and I showed some promise, so my folks got me going on guitar lessons. I studied classical guitar for four years with John Jarvie and jazz guitar for two years with Don Latarski (both out of Eugene OR.)During this time I was also attending  the music program at Lane Community College which I completed in 1984.                                                                                                                                                                                   .                   In early 1985 I moved to Hollywood CA. to attend the world renowned Guitar Institute of Technology where I had the privilege  to study with some of the best players in the world( Joe Pass,Herb Ellis,Robin Ford,Scott Henderson,Frank Gambale,Howard Roberts,Don Mock,Jennifer Batten,Paul Gilbert,Joe Diorio to name a few). That was a wonderful experience. I really learned a lot of great things there and was exposed to many different genres and approaches to playing the guitar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After graduating from that program I returned to Eugene where I began teaching private lessons at McKenzie River Music and Music Village(music stores). I next began classes at the University of Oregon. I played in the big band and the small jazz combo for two years and studied jazz history, arranging and composing. In 1990 I decided to move to Portland because Eugene was just too small of a town for a thriving music scene. After arriving in Portland I began to hit all of the jazz and blues jams to meet and play with the local talent. I also  began looking for places to teach my lessons and ended  up at Horseshoe music where I tought until they decided to close their doors in 2001. Shortly after I found a position at Apple Music Row where I currently am teaching.                                                                                   .                       In  1994 I began playing bass for a band called Jesus Presley which experienced some brushes with greatness. We had some of our music used in the soundtrack for the real world on MTV. We also did some music for an Alta Vista commercial which was aired on national television for a while. I recorded on four albums with Jesus Presley and  had a lot of fun doing live shows  with my buddies in the band, but in 1999 things seemed to be slowing down for us so I decided to move on to something else.                                                            .                    The day I gave notice to Jesus Presley I ran into some friends of mine and they said that someone had just quit their band and asked me if would I like to join up with them. I said yes I love your band,  and the next thing I know I was in the studio recording guitar tracks on their up and coming album Soul Fishing by Mad Hattie. Within three months of joining that band we had  an opportunity  to go on a month long tour of Europe so we went and had the time of our lives. After two years with Mad Hattie some personality conflicts arose that could not be resolved so we all went our different ways. Currently I am playing with Alexa Wiley and the wilderness, she is a great singer songwriter that I think everyone should hear. I am also playing with The transcendental Brass band, Christie Josef band, and sometimes the Paul Brianard explosion to mention a few, and I do a lot of sideman and theater work too. Life’s been good to me so far!

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